Winder Farms

Farm Fresh Goodness to Your Door

Winder Farms, formerly known as Winder Dairy, has been providing fresh dairy products to the doorsteps of tens of thousands of Utah homes since 1880. However, it's no longer just a milkman. In addition to milk, cheese, creams, yogurt, eggs, fresh squeezed juices, and cookie dough; it now deliver fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, freshly made pizzas, all-natural bacon and sausage and more.

Although it's been Utah's milkman for 125 years, it is now a farmer's market on wheels, delivering farm fresh goodness to the doors of families living healthy, engaged lifestyles. Winder Farms currently delivers to over 30,000 households each week throughout Utah and Las Vegas, NV.


November 2008: When it Comes to Fresh and Convenient, Historic Dairy Delivers
Now and then, we all get touched with nostalgia. Remember your childhood days when the milkman would drop off those shiny glass bottles..