Dolphin Capital invests in proven companies with substantial growth potential where the combination of financial and human capital can generate exceptional returns. Companies are primarily located within the Intermountain West Region. Dolphin takes a hands-on approach to investing through a strategy we call "Business Engineering."

  • We focus on growth and the creation of long-term sustainable value
  • We believe that human capital is just as valuable as financial capital
  • We actively leverage our management expertise to support the entrepreneurs whom we are backing
  • We seek scalable businesses with product, service and geographic expansion opportunities
  • We are better able to make informed decisions in the best interest of our portfolio companies due to the perspective that comes from our involvement
  • We invest with a long-term horizon knowing that time is just as vital of an investment as financial capital
Typical investments include some of the following attributes:
  • Companies with $5-$100 million in revenue or $1-$15 million in EBITDA
  • Business owners looking for partial liquidity and growth capital or a complete buy-out
  • Management teams desiring to partner with an investment firm to capitalize on a business opportunity
  • Companies with opportunities to improve their management, capital or product portfolio
  • Businesses with a proven business model preparing for accelerated growth