MECA Software

Sold to H&R Block in 1993

MECA Software, Inc. was acquired by Dolphin Capital in 1987. At the time of its acquisition, MECA was a single product software company serving customers in the emerging personal financial software market with annual sales of $4 Million. Under Dolphin Capital's leadership MECA's product suite expanded to include a broad suite of personal finance (Managing Your Money) and income tax preparation products (TaxCut). The company achieved a successful IPO in 1990 and was sold to H&R Block in 1993.
  • Financial Highlights
    • Acquired for ~$1.2 million in 1987 in a leveraged buy-out
    • Grew revenues from $4 million to ~$40 million
    • Successful IPO in 1990 with 7x oversubscription
    • Sold to H&R Block in 1994, 30x return to investors
  • Product Highlights:
    • Won every major award for software excellence including PC Magazine Editor's Choice, PC World Best in Class, and PC/Computing MVP.