Dynamic Confections

Growth Capital Investment

Dynamic Confections is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of chocolate and confectionery products which currently operates four subsidiaries:

The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT; its manufacturing plants are located in Salt Lake City and Alpine, UT and Vancouver, BC with a small portion done overseas. In 2006, the company sold two of its brands to 1-800-FLOWERS (Fannie May / Fannie Farmer). The company primarily sells seasonal candies and confections to the food, drug, and mass category.

Dolphin Capital has invested in the company to assist with its recapitalization and infuse growth capital into the business. The company is well-positioned to increase its exposure in the food, drug and mass category and is focusing on eliminating unnecessary overhead, improving margins, consolidating product lines and centralizing its sales force to strengthen its product offering. The company is actively pursuing additional acquisitions, specifically synergistic and flagship brands.

Dan Schley is the Chairman of the Board and Eric Jacobsen and Ken Jacquin sit on the board of Dynamic Confections.

Websites: Maxfield Candy, Dynamic Chocolates,
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Dolphin Capital Finds Sweet Spot in the Confections Industry

August 10, 2009

Bogdon Candy Co., a subsidiary of Dynamic Confections, sold this week to a New York based confections company, making this a sweet deal for both Dolphin Capital and its portfolio company, Dynamic Confections.
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